There can be many reasons why you would need something demolished. Perhaps a building has structural flaws that would consider it hazardous to be in. Maybe you need to break something down to build something on top of.

What Are Some Known Places That Have Been Demolished?

A few examples would include the New York Hippodrome Theatre, The Royal Panopticon of Science and Art, The Hall of Nations, and the Empire Landmark Hotel. Some examples in Australia would be the Great Melbourne Telescope, Queen’s Wharf, the Royal Canberra Hospital, and the Hills Centre.

But whatever the reason you might need to have something demolished, it would be a good idea to give a call to a reputable and trustworthy demolition company. This is why we’ve compiled three ways to make sure you’re choosing the best home demolition company.

Tip Number One – Look at Their Company History

One of the best ways to ensure that a company is reputable is to take a look at their history. If their company history is detailed and lengthy, with documentation to help bring that history to life, then that’s sure to be a good sign that this company cares about their work.

For a demolition company, that’s twice as important. You want to make sure that these people are passionate about their work, and that they care about capturing the minor details. It’ll make you realise that these people know what they’re doing, and also that they take pride in it.

Tip Number Two – Check What Kind of Projects They Do

If you want to make sure that the demolition company is right for the job you need them to do, scroll through some of their past projects. Some demolition companies specialise in small establishments. Others specialise in large buildings. And there are some that can do both.

However, finding out how large or small they work is just one side of the coin. If you need other things done – such as excavation, asbestos removal, and soil remediation – you would be able to see if the company fits the bill by looking at some of their completed projects.

Tip Number Three – Read Through Their Past Clients

Taking note of some of their past clients can help affirm if you’re making the right decision in choosing a home demolition company. It’s a plus if some of their clients included organisations you might recognise or even better, people you might know.

Reading through some of the reviews people have given a demolition service can also give you a better idea about what kind of company you’re working with. A company is only as good as the work they’ve done and the customer satisfaction they provided in the past.


You’re doing the right thing by taking the initiative to read this far. We understand that you care about the project you want done. If you want to find a demolition service that cares about that project as much as (if not more than) you do, send an enquiry to Atlas Demolition Group.

Over 20 years in the business and high quality standards shows you that – when there’s demolition involved – Atlas Demolition Group means business. They’re not just a one-trick-pony, though. They specialise in all kinds of projects, big or small. For a free quote, give Atlas Demolition Group a call, and they’d be happy to help you.

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All our machinery meets high-quality standards and is regularly serviced and maintained. This ensures all our jobs run smoothly.
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At Atlas Home Demolition Group we focus on customer satisfaction, we make sure the job is done right on time and in budget.


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