Is Demolition Worth the Expense?

Building the dream home you envision yourself waking up to every single day is not a stroll in the park, we must admit that. There’s the process of getting permits, contractors, financial planning, and if the renovation or rebuilding faces obstructions like existing walls and beams — then demolishing those would be a vital part of the process. 

In the 20 years, we’ve spent in the business, we know how critical it is to have this arranged with professionals as this is something that needs expert care and science. You might be intimidated because of the added cost, but we’re here to show you that we at Atlas Demolition will definitely give you your money’s worth.


It takes a whole team with big machinery to tear down a house. More than that, there’s the issue of asbestos. Over the previous millennia, asbestos has been a staple in construction. It was mixed with cement until its total ban in December 2003. This is a very harmful material. The particles of asbestos are easily inhaled, and it causes diseases like asbestosis, pleural plaques (thickened patches of scar tissue on the lining of the lungs), and a type of lung cancer called mesothelioma. Ensuring your safety against these hazardous materials (including anything that has petroleum) should be on top of your checklist.

There’s also the matter of beams and wirings. Cement without asbestos is possible to knockdown with a few masons, but beams and wirings are different. This is one of the reasons why you should get experts for that demolition job. Inspection of the structure that needs to be demolished should be done beforehand. A team of professionals will do a home visit to ensure that the plan is complete, and they’d have everything they need before the day of the home demolition.


After the inspection, we would be able to gauge the following factors that could affect the pricing:

  1. The size of the building/home – as expected, a huge consideration is the size of whatever it is that needs to be demolished. The larger the property, the higher the cost would be;
  2. Presence of asbestos – as mentioned earlier, since asbestos and other materials are hazardous, safety protocols must be followed, and special equipment must be included in the plan;
  3. Type of debris – wooden structures are much easier to demolish than concrete as this needs more heavy machinery; and
  4. Foundation removal – the removal of foundations need excavation and that require more manpower and machinery.


When we said we’ll definitely give you your money’s worth, we mean it. We know how important costing is, money does not grow in trees, so here, we offer the ability to request for a  free no-obligation quote from us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours after your email. After this free quote, you can talk to us about your budget and how much you’re willing to spend, and we can adjust our plans according to that and your time frame. We aren’t dubbed as affordable demolition in Sydney if not for that!

Why choose us ?

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Over 20+ years experience in the Home demolition industry, the right team, expertise and experience to get your job done.
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All our machinery meets high-quality standards and is regularly serviced and maintained. This ensures all our jobs run smoothly.
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At Atlas Home Demolition Group we focus on customer satisfaction, we make sure the job is done right on time and in budget.


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