Mainstream media portray home demolition as a fun and exciting endeavor. But in reality, projects like this require intensive planning because of their complex nature. There is a lot more permitting and professional planning that goes into it, rather than outright sledgehammering your walls and floors. Here is a quick step-by-step procedure to guide you in your house demolition project in Sydney, Australia.

Planning The House Demolition 

The first thing that you need to consider is the local ordinances and laws that govern residential and commercial constructions in the area. Special considerations include

  • The local environment that surrounds the site. Ensure that there are no habitats and natural reserves that will be affected by the procedure and the succeeding constructions that would take place.
  • Evaluate the possible environmental implications that might ensue due to the destruction of the property(e.g. soil erosion, wetland destruction).
  • Make sure that the building is not a historical landmark

Home demolition cost is also a significant factor when undertaking such big projects. Expenses depend on the type of method you prefer. You can go for the traditional mechanical process where a team of excavators will demolish your house by using heavy machinery, hauling its debris via a trailer or dumpster. Or you can opt to manually strip your house piece by piece, reserving 70% of its materials in the process. This EPA-approved method is called deconstruction.

Finding  A Capable Home Demolition Contractor

Finding a licensed and insured demolition company in Sydney, Australia is crucial to achieving a successful demolition work. Choose a contractor that is not only an expert in tearing down houses, but also carry out fundamental processes that come with it such as asbestos removal, environmental remediation, and removal of hazardous materials.

They will also assess potential risks before doing the project, go over possible solutions, and discuss different methods and strategic options available. Make sure to get an estimated cost in writing, as well as a detailed plan of the work. Some firms even give FREE house demolition advice even when you’re not a client yet so be sure to assess your options well.  

Undergoing House Inspection

Companies that offer demolition work in Sydney usually help with the inspection process by subcontracting it to an environmental specialist.

Most houses need to be inspected before deconstruction to check for the presence of hazardous materials or chemicals such as mold, rotted wood, asbestos, and lead paint. The presence of such materials requires contractors to proceed with additional protective measures in place.

Acquiring The Essential Permits For The Demolition Site

Construction works require approval from the city and local government. They need to know and evaluate your capacity to execute all demolition processes responsibly while also complying with the implemented regulations that the city ordained.

Most demolition contractors handle the permit application process since most of the information needed will come from them. To get a permit, they must finish an application form that requires them to submit paperwork such as a training certificate, business permits, and supervisor authorization.

Demolishing The Infrastructure

After finishing all the requirements, you can now proceed to the much-awaited deconstructing event. The process may take several days to finish depending on the structure size and method used. After tearing it down, home demolition companies need to remove all debris, salvage and dispose of materials, and do area remediation if necessary.

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