Demolition seems like such a large undertaking – and it is. However, we at Atlas Demolition also take the subtleties into account. You can say it’s something of an art form, with a lot of details buried beneath the grand scale.

With over 20 years in the business, we have gathered a few things that some people may overlook when thinking about demolition.

The Frighteningly True Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos is one of the most dangerous substances on Earth. It is also commonly found in construction materials such as floor tiles, insulation, and roofing. It’s no surprise, because it’s a great electrical insulator, extremely resistant to heat and also provides structural strength to building materials.

The thing about asbestos is that the substance can get into your body and cause a lot of problems. Its molecular makeup lets it through the air quite easily, but also makes it wreak havoc inside your lungs. Ailments such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and various types of cancer can be attributed to asbestos.

If your home was built before the mid-1980’s – decades before the asbestos ban in 2003 –  contact us for demolition services. We also do remediation, which would help get rid of other hazardous materials.

The Subtle Science of Tearing Structures Down

You don’t want your home demolition to result in collateral damage. There are specific ways to make sure a building doesn’t fall too far on one side – and damage other structures. In the information age, you may have seen videos where demolition done wrong can result in tragedy.

A lot of science and physics are involved in what people perceive as a barbaric undertaking. Precise planning is necessary in order to execute an effective demolition, all the while preventing unnecessary damage from happening.

20 Years on the Job

You might look at how the media portrays demolition. For a lot of people, it looks exciting and awesome. You may stand back and look amazed at the sheer amount of destruction happening. For us here at Atlas Demolition, it’s an everyday thing. We’ve been giving people the best demolition services, whether it be home demolition or larger undertakings.

However, it hasn’t lost its magic. For over 20 years, we’ve been in this business. We’ll gladly take the next project with the same attention to detail as the last one. Every project is special for us, no matter how big or small. We’ve done this for over 20 years, and we’ll gladly do it for 20 more, and include you in that journey.

For the best demolition services in the country, you can always count on Atlas Demolition to be there – and look cool while we’re at it.

Why choose us ?

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Over 20+ years experience in the Home demolition industry, the right team, expertise and experience to get your job done.
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All our machinery meets high-quality standards and is regularly serviced and maintained. This ensures all our jobs run smoothly.
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At Atlas Home Demolition Group we focus on customer satisfaction, we make sure the job is done right on time and in budget.


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